Anne Larilahti, VP Sustainability, Finnair

Managing Director
Kimmo J. Lipponen

Background information:

FIBS is a unique, not-for-profit promoter of sustainable business and developer of expertise in Finland. Our network already includes more than 350 companies and organizations that invest heavily in responsibility. Every year, our events gather thousands of corporate responsibility experts, decision-makers and influential people from all fields together to learn and be inspired by the latest practices and solutions in the field both from Finland and abroad. Our goal is to inspire more and more Finnish companies to start developing productive solutions to local and global problems in cooperation with other companies and organizations so that they can rise to the top of sustainable business globally.

Main activities:

FIBS’ members services include

  • Events (seminars, webinars, trainings, workshops, round-tables, delegations)
  • Information services (newsletters, recruitment advertisements)
  • Research on sustainability
  • Networking and platform for stakeholder dialogue
  • Visibility for members’ responsible business practices

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