BCSD Thailand

Prasert Bunsumpun, President and CEO of the PTT Public Company Limited

Managing Director
Narong Boonyasaquan

Background information
Established in 1993 by the former Prime Minister of Thailand, H.E. Anand Panyarachun, the BCSD Thailand - Thailand Business Council for Sustainable Development (TBCSD) consists of representatives coming from 38 leading business organizations.

As of 26 April 2011, Mr. Prasert Bunsumpun, President and Chief Executive Officer of the PTT Public Company Limited has assumed the Chairmanship of TBCSD. Under the new leadership of Mr. Prasert Bunsumpun, TBCSD aims at actively promoting sustainable consumption and production and sustainable development in the business sector and in the society. Climate change mitigation and adaptation are the top priority to be addressed by the TBCSD.


  • The TBCSD ISO 14001 project was initiated in 1996 whereby today more than 900 Thai corporations have successfully received ISO 14001 certification. This success inspired the TBCSD to champion the implementation within schools, with the aim of promoting environmental management systems and influencing tomorrow's business leaders. Six schools have already participated in this project and have received ISO14001 certification.
  • In association with the Thai Industrial Standards Institute (TISI), Ministry of Industry, the TBCSD initiated its ‘Green Label' Project in 1993 to develop and award specific products that have minimum detrimental impact upon the environment. More than 137 products in 18 categories have now received the coveted Green Label award over the past 12 years.

Capacity Building with Regard to Competitiveness and Good Practices

  • The Greening of the Supply Chain' was initiated in 2004; it is a tool used for environmental improvement among the business community. In pursuing environmental friendly & green procurement policies of TBCSD members, Thai-owned Small and Medium Enterprises as suppliers will improve their environmental performance via the mentoring process conducted by TBCSD members as buyers.
  • The ‘AU-TBCSD Centre for Sustainable Enterprise Management (C-SEM)' was established in 2004 with the co-operation of Assumption University (AU). It aims to raise awareness of business sustainable development practices among students, especially among those enrolled in the BA and MBA program, as well as among business managers in order to integrate sustainable strategies with mainstream business management practices.
  • A series of ‘Seminars and Workshops' has been organized from 1994 to present to assist TBCSD members in raising environmental awareness and improving environmental performance among members and the public.

Raising Public Awareness on Cultural and Environmental Issues

  • The preservation and development of the historical city of Ayutthaya and the renovation of Klong Lod (the canals in Bangkok) were initiated by the TBCSD in 1994 not only to preserve these historical sites but also to provide recreational space for the community to improve cultural-environment awareness.
  • The ‘TBCSD Award' project was initiated in 2003 to encourage social responsibility among SMEs and to raise environmental management standards in order to pursuing more sustainable development. The project modelled to allow TBCSD member companies to assist/ improve SME companies through sharing knowledge on environmental management.
  • ‘Environmental Management Planning' and its associated Activities for the Community of Koh Kret was initiated in 2003 and continued on phase II in 2004. The project aims to create environmental awareness by developing an environmental management framework that advocates public participation from within the community of Koh Kret. The project aims to both promote cultural conservation while also raising awareness among the islanders to support more sustainable development practices for the area.
  • The ‘Beauty of Silence' was initiated in 2004 to increase public awareness on the consequences that derived from harmful noise and to motivate individuals to take action against noise pollution. The programme also promotes further study and survey of the current noise pollution levels and the public's attitude towards noise.
  • ‘Building Environmental Awareness in Schools' was initiated in 2005 and continued on phase II in 2006 to raise awareness and motivate youths to take action on environmental conservation. It also sought to encourage students' opportunity in pursuing environmental conservation activities with their teachers and families in address aspects of solid waste management.
  • The ‘Young Writer' programme was initiated in 2005 and continued on phase II in 2006 to build awareness in students regarding responsible business organizations through reviewing TBCSD case studies and to increase their writing skills.
  • ‘Knowledge Management: Corporate Social Responsibility' was initiated in 2006 to study CSR related policies and activities of TBCSD member organizations and other business organizations.
  • The new phase of ‘Klong Lod Project' was initiated in 2006 to preserve the historical and valuable site of Klong Lod– Rattanakosin Island area in Bangkok and to promote traditional activities for cultural tourism and recreation.

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