President: Mr. Datuk Tan Say Jim

Alternate President: Ms. Chong Oi Lin 

Background information
The Business Council for Sustainability & Responsibility Malaysia (BCSRM) is a national
organisation comprising business leaders from various industries interested in responsible
and sustainable practices in-line with the global sustainability agenda.

The organisation was formed in 2011 through a merger of the Business Council of Sustainable
Development (1992) and the Institute for Corporate Responsibility Malaysia (2006). As a
regional network partner of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development
(WBCSD), BCSRM aims to translate the latest global Environmental, Social and
Governance knowledge from the WBCSD into the Malaysian context, so that Malaysian
companies can promote, develop and adopt sustainability within their business.

BCSRM is involved in Capacity Development, Awareness Building, Advocacy and Thought
Leadership activities for Environmental, Social and Governance related issues.
The focus areas of BCSRM are Energy & Climate, Social Development, Ecosystem Protection
and the Business Role in driving the sustainability agenda.