WANG Jiming

Managing Director

Background information
China Business Council for Sustainable Development (CBCSD) was founded in October, 2003, and is a coalition of leading Chinese and foreign enterprises registered and operating in China, and was established as a national organization through the Ministry of Civil Affairs, PRC. Committed to implementing the guidelines and policies of the scientific outlook on development and establishing a harmonious society, CBCSD provides a platform for exchange and cooperation among corporations, governments and social communities, aiming at facilitating the development of sustainable business.

CBCSD Objectives:

  • Business leadership - to be the leading business advocate on issues related to sustainable development;
  • Policy development - provide inputs to the government and assist in policy development in order to create a framework that allows business to contribute effectively to sustainable development;
  • Promotion of exchange and cooperation between Chinese and foreign enterprises – introduce and demonstrate latest progress in environmental and resource management by the business community; share advanced management concepts and business operation practices in order to promote common development, improve corporate social responsibility and enhance the global competitiveness of member companies.

CBCSD is China’s first CEO-led and member-driven social organization in the sustainable development field that initiated by the business community. CBCSD provides the government and stakeholders with a platform on sustainable development by connecting enterprises from various sectors both in China and abroad.

  • By leveraging resources and expertise from board members and member companies, CBCSD highlights the member engagement, focusing on the interests of business. While dedicated to the sustainable development, it continues to deliver more member values back to the companies. The council’s major projects are:Energy and Climate Change, including:
    • Corporate energy conservation and GHG management
    • Energy conservation & emission reduction service and business solutions
    • Energy efficiencies in buildings
    • Water sustainability and conservation
    • Energy and environment issues in urbanization process
    • Urban infrastructure and ecological civilization
    • Sustainable mobility and environmental protection in urban catering industry
  • Health, Safety and Environment
  • Corporate Social Responsibility and CSR “1+3”
  • Sustainable Development Reporting

Besides,  as a Global Network Partner of WBCSD, CBCSD assists WBCSD to implement relevant projects in China, facilitating the cross-border cooperation and advocating communicating Chinese business’s prospective on sustainable development issues. CBCSD facilitates the interactions between Chinese enterprises and world leading corporations, enhancing the involvement of Chinese business in global communications. Global cooperation on focus areas are launched:

  • Energy & Climate Change workshops and EEB forums
  • Energy Conservation and GHG Management project with WBCSD and WRI
  • Business workshops with WBCSD and CCIED
  • Cement Sustainability CSR Seminar with WBCSD and CSI
  • Urban Infrastructure Initiative and Sustainable Mobility
  • Corporate water management and risk control

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