Businesses stepping up towards more healthy and nutritious foods


23 January, 2020




Our future depends on our ability to create a food system that supports healthy people and a healthy planet. In order to deliver a sustainable and healthy food system for over 9 billion people within planetary boundaries, we will need to address how the world grows and consumes food. While current food systems are outstripping the world’s resources, current diets are contributing to a health crisis of both over- and undernutrition.  Overweight and obesity affect 2 billion people globally and 1 in 4 people lack the vitamins and minerals they need for growth and development (GAIN). 

Business has a role to play to bring solutions and scale these up as quickly as possible. Companies are already acting by implementing new technologies, leveraging product portfolios to include more healthy and nutritious foods, working across the value chain with suppliers and growers and collaborating with partners.

For more information and to join these companies on the journey in the run-up to the Nutrition for Growth Summit in Tokyo, Japan in December 2020, please contact