FSG’s Key Performance Indicators

Published: 31 Aug 2022
Type: Publication

Members of WBCSD’s Forest Solutions Group (FSG) are reporting their 2022 Key Performance Indicators (KPI) results. The positive trends on all long-term indicators reveal continued progress towards a net-zero, nature-positive and equitable future through action in eight impact areas.

FSG’s vision of a growing circular bioeconomy rooted in thriving working forests, based on the Forest Sector SDG Roadmap, was translated into meaningful actions within eight impact areas: Working Forests, Bioeconomy, Circularity, Climate, Water, People, Communities and Procurement. These actions are tied to KPIs, allowing business to take stock of the status of implementation measured against baselines set in 2014 and 2020.

In order to continue to track progress on the commitments made in the Forest Sector SDG Roadmap and demonstrate adherence to FSG’s Membership Principles & Responsibilities, FSG members report and communicate the group results annually.

List of KPIs 

List of Key Performance Indicators   

KPI results

Results of focus areas 

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