Enabling frameworks for technology diffusion

Published: 29 Apr 2010
Type: Publication

In its latest report on Enabling frameworks for technology diffusion , the WBCSD puts forward six key elements to enhance investments and sales of low-carbon technologies in developing countries. These range from government signals to foster low-carbon solutions to engaging business more actively into the international and national climate change process.

The diffusion of low-carbon technologies to developing countries is necessary to achieving a 450 parts per million (ppm) atmospheric CO2 target and keeping an increase of global temperature below 2ºC.

As key providers of technology and innovation, companies can support these targets but the transition to a low-carbon growth will be facilitated if governments set up frameworks that are conducive to investment in the first place.

Specifically, the six elements to enhancing investments and sales of low-carbon technologies are:

  1. Strong signals from governments toward low-carbon growth nationally and internationally, either through targets or regulatory measures;
  2. Adequate institutional frameworks that provide stable policies, transparent investment regulation and favorable local conditions;
  3. Appropriate absorptive capacity in institutions, business and society including a functioning education system, a receptive environment and targeted capacity building programs;
  4. Economic and financial incentives to bridge the gap between low-carbon solutions and their commercial viability;
  5. Energy efficiency drivers through removing barriers such as perverse subsidies, introducing economic incentives and consumer outreach;
  6. A more active engagement of business in the international and national climate change process to increase the likelihood of success in reaching common objective.

In addition to these cross-cutting elements, the report identifies specific enablers that can encourage diffusion of low-carbon technologies in individual industry sectors.

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