How-to guide for voluntary carbon credit portfolio design


28 June, 2024



Navigating the ever-changing landscape of voluntary carbon credits and the voluntary carbon market can be complex. This guide demonstrates how a portfolio approach to acquiring voluntary carbon credits allows businesses to balance their carbon credit strategies and business needs.

This approach combines both the immediate benefits of natural climate solutions (NCS) and the long-term need for technology-based solutions (TbS), which are crucial for permanently removing and storing CO2. Investing in these emerging technologies is essential as companies work towards their net-zero targets.

This report provides detailed, step-by-step guidance for businesses seeking to utilize high-integrity voluntary carbon credits to fund activities that go beyond their value chains to reduce or remove emissions.

The frameworks in this guide will help capalyze action and investment in balanced voluntary carbon credit portfolios and inspire businesses to join the journey to achieve global climate targets.

Companies and other organizations are invited to share their examples and experiences to support and expand the impact of our work on voluntary carbon credit procurement. To join or learn more, please reach out to us at