Accelerating to net-zero emissions: How integrated solutions can unlock corporate decarbonization


29 November, 2023



The time is ripe for businesses to make the leap to low-carbon operations. With supportive public policies and advancements in clean technology, a monumental shift is underway. Yet, to stay below the critical 1.5°C warming threshold, global cleantech investments must triple by the decade’s end.

Business leaders face dilemmas between cost implications, technical feasibility, ROI, and available capital when implementing decarbonization roadmaps. The pace of adoption often lags due to these trade-offs.

By integrating clean energy with mobility and efficient digital monitoring and management systems, businesses can get on a fast track to net zero. Integrated approaches have the potential to slash operational emissions by up to 50%, fortify energy supply, optimize capital investments and mitigate technology adoption risks.

This brief defines integrated approaches, illustrating their value through compelling examples. It outlines the need for breaking down silos within business sustainability leadership, finance and policy and outlines three practical recommendations for bringing integrated decarbonization to life.

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