Battelle Scoping Study: Toward a Sustainable Cement Industry

Published: 28 Feb 2002
Type: Publication

The research phase of the Cement Sustainability Initiative draws to a close with the release of Battelle Memorial Institute’s study, Toward a Sustainable Cement Industry.

This research program was undertaken at the request and with the assistance of ten leading cement companies who are members of the World Business Council of Sustainable Development (WBCSD).

The study, including more than 1500 pages of research reports, is perhaps the most ambitious project of its type ever undertaken in this market sector. In addition to the detailed research reports, the Initiative has also included extensive stakeholder dialogue, with facilitated meetings held in Brazil, Thailand, Portugal, Egypt, Belgium, the United States, and China. Battelle’s research includes 13 highly focused sub-studies dealing with issues ranging from climate change to employee health and safety.

As well as identifying the global impact that the cement industry has on resource use, climate change and communities, the Battelle report also provides recommendations and guidance on possible future actions that should be considered by both the industry as a whole and individual producers.

The Initiative enters its second phase as the ten companies engaged develop their Agenda for action, to be released in July. The Agenda will set a future course for the industry by addressing stakeholder concerns registered in the dialogues, Battelle’s recommendations, and the companies’ own experiences. The Agenda, to be signed out by the ten company business leaders, will include specific, detailed commitments and timeframes to address the issues raised during the research program. A formal public presentation of the Agenda is scheduled for July 3 in Paris.

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