Health Management Handbook: Addressing occupational exposures in the cement industry

Published: 28 Oct 2015
Type: Publication

The objectives of this document and the consequent actions that will be taken by Cement Sustainability Initiative (CSI) members shall be compliant with all applicable legal requirements on health, safety, privacy and discrimination and will also obey competition laws and regulations. Consequently, any recommendation or good practices suggested that are specifically not allowed by locally enforced legal schemes shall not be performed.

The document drafting process has been open, transparent and non-discriminatory. Internal and external stakeholders have been consulted during the development of this document.

• The ultimate objective of this document is to protect employees by fostering appropriate health management practices.

• Good health management practices are grounded on two complementary pillars : proactive assessment and mitigation of the risk of exposure to identified agents in the workplace and careful implementation of a correct protocol for health surveillance.

• Only trained and experienced professionals should perform both exposure measurements and medical surveillance, providing appropriate elements of guidance to perform the risk assessment, which remains a clear responsibility of line management.

• This entire document is intended as a compilation of recommendations and good practices in the framework of a proactive approach to occupational health beyond locally enforced legislation.

• It is recommended that CSI member companies implement the good practices described in this document across all activities under their management control as soon as practicable and seek to have them implemented in all activities within five years.

• When a CSI member acquires management control of another company, the good practices described in this document are expected to be implemented within five years from the acquisition.

• While members should start implementing this document upon issuance, reporting requirements for agreed key performance indicators will become mandatory only after inclusion in the CSI Charter.

• The recommendations in this document are basically intended for CSI member company employees, while fostering the extension to contractors as much as feasible and as allowed by locally enforced legislation.

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