Taking action on nutrition: Addressing the nutrition deficit in agricultural supply chains

Published: 14 Oct 2019
Type: Publication

The white paper “Taking action on nutrition: addressing the nutrition deficit in agricultural supply chains”, launched at the WBCSD Council Meeting in Lisbon 2019, looks at interventions that businesses can take to improve food and nutrition security and increase the consumption of healthy foods for farming communities in their supply chains and beyond. It builds on existing knowledge and best practice case studies. The paper was commissioned by WBCSD’s Food Reform for Health and Sustainability (FReSH) project and is co-authored by Cargill, Kellogg, Nestlé, Olam, Symrise and Unilever.

Changing direction in favor of healthier nutrition in the farming communities that serve collective supply chains is not simply a desirable outcome; it is a necessary and urgent challenge to ensure future farming community viability and healthier growing environments throughout the global food chain for both people and planet.

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