Global Water Tool

The Global Water Tool™ (GWT) is a free, publicly available resource for identifying corporate water risks and opportunities which provides easy access to and analysis of critical data. It includes a workbook (data input, inventory by site, key reporting indicators, metrics calculations), a mapping function to plot sites with datasets, and a Google Earth interface for spatial viewing.

By comparing your sites with the best available water, sanitation, population and biodiversity information on a country and watershed basis, the tool allows you to answer the following questions:

  • How many of your sites are in extremely water-scarce areas? Which sites are at greatest risk? How will this change in the future?
  • How much of your total production is generated from your most at risk sites?
  • How many of your employees live in countries that lack access to improved water and sanitation?
  • How many of your suppliers are in water scarce areas now and will be in 2025?

The Global Water Tool™ supports companies operating in multiple countries in starting their water management journey and helps companies build long-term water management strategies which minimize risk and build long-term resilience.

Users can quickly map their locations and water use data against water, sanitation, population and biodiversity datasets, as well as stress indicators on a country and watershed basis, and in turn assess risks related to their global operations, supply chains, new projects and prioritize action. The tool is compatible with GEMI’s Local Water Tool™ to build water management plans at a specific site or operation.