Transforming Heavy Transport

This project is geared towards reducing emissions from freight and logistics operations including air, sea, land and transshipment centers. In collaboration with Smart Freight Center and the We Mean Business coalition, we are finding solutions to increase demand for low-emissions heavy transport through global and local implementation.

Our goal is to unify business in the transition to sustainable transport by accelerating emissions reductions across freight and logistics. Our vision is to achieve net-zero logistics emissions globally by 2050.

    The challenge

    Heavy transport is 90% dependent on oil products. It accounts for 20% of global energy and process-related CO2 emissions and 27% of total global final energy consumption. As climate change continues to gain importance on the global agenda, we urgently need a unified global strategy to reduce emissions from transport and freight.

    The business case

    Global transport energy use is set to increase 75% by 2050. Transforming Heavy Transport is an opportunity for businesses to respond to increased demand for clean transport from both consumers and policy makers. This project offers companies the chance to tackle Scope 3 emissions and to increase energy independence and security in the transition to a low-carbon world.

    The solution

    Through Transforming Heavy Transport, we’re building a global business community of multinationals, organizations and initiatives focused on managing GHG emissions and air pollutants from freight and logistics. The project is developing a business-wide strategy to identify and address key gaps for lowering emissions from heavy transport. An early gap identified and being addressed is to develop a Smart Freight Procurement Framework. See the full project description here.

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