WBCSD Perspective on the 2015 Climate Change Agreement

Today, WBCSD launches its messages to climate policy makers on the road to Paris COP 21. For the future international climate agreement to have an impact on the reduction of emissions, at a scale sufficient to limit global warming to 2 C, we need to scale-up business actions on climate. 

Published: 23 Sep 2014
Type: News

Geneva, 23 September 2014 - Although it will be predominantly business that delivers reductions globally in all the sectors – it can only happen with smart, coherent, predictable government policies that match the ambition and are sensitive to the vulnerable.  Central to these are a global commitment to phase out global net emissions by the end of this century and concerted efforts towards a global carbon price to change the rules of the game and provide impetus to a global rewiring in favor of low carbon investment. 

WBCSD members call on governments to be:

  • Ambitious: agree to a global goal of global net-zero emissions within the 21st century
  • Business-like: define a framework which will facilitate national pathways and policies to transform energy and industry systems to achieve the 2ºC goal.  This will require implementing robust carbon pricing strategies, employing the right financial instruments,building capacities and creating a robust review cycle to make the transition to low carbon growth feasible.
  • Cooperativework together by sharing expertise and experience for building climate resilience with a view to develop and bring to the market the innovative technologies that are needed.

The Climate Summit in New York has crystallized the public and business drive for further action and highlighted important contributions.  We are experiencing climate change every day. An increasing number of companies are adjusting their business models to deal with it effectively and investing in progressive actions.  Yet, as findings from the recent IPCC reports made abundantly clear, faced with the immensity of the challenge, these measures will not be sufficient unless supported by the right policy frameworks.

We all need to do more to change the rules of the game. 

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