Natural Climate Solutions (NCS) Lighthouses

    To scale up high-quality Natural Climate Solutions (NCS), it has become mission-critical to build trust among different stakeholders. In recent years, concerns about the integrity of NCS credits have been raised repeatedly, focusing on measurement, additionality, leakage, permanence, baseline setting, verification and equitable benefit sharing. However, with more than 20 years of international efforts to generate and trade NCS credits, great strides have been made in addressing these issues.

    The NCS Lighthouses build trust by highlighting NCS examples based on methodological and technological advances focused on mitigating environmental and social risks and generating positive environmental impacts and socio-economic benefits. They elevate the successful human, environmental, and climate stories behind these initiatives.

    In order to ensure that the NCS Lighthouses provide a true beacon for best practice, the NCS Alliance Lighthouse Taskforce, comprising NGOs, businesses and solution providers, developed robust selection criteria.

    The 2022 NCS Lighthouses

    The NCS Lighthouses, selected based on screening criteria developed by an NCSA Alliance Taskforce comprised of NGOs, businesses and solution providers, have demonstrated alignment to the NCSA’s quality principles for NCS credits, as presented within ‘Natural Climate Solutions for Corporates’.

    The second round of NCS Lighthouses has now been completed and will be made public during COP27.

    Below you can find the original six NCS Lighthouses.

    Conservation Coast Guatemala

    Bringing together hundreds of diverse landowners to protect more than 62,000 hectares of threatened tropical rainforest.

    More information here.

    Katingan Mentaya Project Indonesia

    Protecting peat swamp forest and investing into local businesses via the Voluntary Carbon Market since 2017.

    More information here.

    Luangwa Community Forests Project Zambia

    Protecting over 1 million hectares of forest, benefitting over 217,000 people through income generation and social services development.

    More information here.

    Mai Ndombe REDD+ DRC

    Partnering with the local community to protect 300,000 hectares of the world’s second-largest intact rainforest.

    More information here.

    Rimba Raya Indonesia

    Protecting one of the most highly endangered ecosystems in the world, developing livelihood programs for surrounding villages. 

    More information here.

    Sumatra Merang Peatland Project Indonesia

    Restoring 22,934 hectares of peatland rainforest, improving livelihoods and promoting rural economic development.

    More information here.

    For further information


    Two launch events hearing directly from the project proponents on the stories behind their success. Watch the recording featuring Sumatra Merang, Katingan Mentaya and Luangwa Community Forests Project here. Watch the recording featuring the Conservation Coast, Rimba Raya and the Mai Ndombe REDD+ Project here.

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    Inclusion of an NCS project or programme in the NCS Lighthouse Programme does not imply a recommendation to purchase, trade or retire credits associated with the Lighthouse. The NCS Alliance and its members take no responsibility for the purchase, trade or retirement of credits from these projects and programmes. Instead, it recommends that individuals, companies and other organisations procuring credits as part of their climate strategies conduct their own independent due diligence to validate the quality and environmental integrity of their purchases. The NCS Alliance secretariat in no way benefits financially or by other means from the selection.

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