Low-Carbon Freight

Company experiences suggest that there are significant opportunities for emissions reductions beyond alternative fuels and improvements in engine efficiency. Our Road Freight Lab (RFL) project explored the untapped and unmapped potential for emissions reduction, through optimization and collaboration between road freight transport companies.  Now, we’re working to test the solutions presented in the RFL research in the real world. Our goal is to show how the relationship between data and asset sharing can help reduce freight-related transport emissions. 

    The challenge

    As companies face increased pressure to reduce emissions while supporting a growing global economy, the world will need to deploy innovative solutions across all transport operations. The solutions we are developing through this project will enable emissions reductions through greater asset efficiency and use rates. At the same time, they keep overall transport costs down.

    The business case

    Research shows that deploying dynamic data and asset sharing platforms could unlock freight efficiency to enable route and load optimization across multiple freight vehicle fleets. Benefits for aggregators, shippers and cosigners include:

    • Access to more jobs
    • Improved margins with increased utilization rates
    • New business opportunities
    • The ability to reduce overheads and CO2 emissions by 20%
    • Faster delivery times
    • Broader geographic coverage
    • Economies of scale

    The solution

    WBCSD has embarked on a 30-month collaborative research initiative called FreightShare Lab (FSL) that aims to demonstrate how strategic data and asset sharing between road/rail carriers and shippers can reduce empty running and under-utilization of freight vehicles looking to validate the Road Freight Lab’s findings. The consortium is led by RouteMonkey. Additional members include Transport Systems Catapult, DVV media and Heriot Watt University and funded by the UK’s innovation agency, Innovate UK.

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