GHG Protocol Releases Scope 3 Calculation Guidance

Published: 23 Apr 2013
Type: News

Geneva, 23 April 2013: GHG Protocol today released a new companion guide to the Scope 3 Standard that makes it easier for businesses to complete their scope 3 inventories.

Assessing GHG emissions across the entire value chain can be complex. For companies just beginning to assess their scope 3 emissions, it can be difficult to know where to start. This calculation guidance is designed to reduce those barriers by providing detailed, technical guidance on various relevant calculation methods. It provides information not contained in the Scope 3 Standard, such as:

  • Methods for calculating GHG emissions for each of the 15 categories of scope 3 emissions (such as purchased goods and services, transportation and distribution, and use of sold products);
  • Guidance on selecting the appropriate calculation methods; and
  • Examples to demonstrate each calculation method.

The guidance can help companies understand the full climate change impact of their business throughout its value chain and develop more effective GHG reduction strategies. This increased understanding can benefit the companies themselves, as well as their suppliers, customers, and other value chain partners. The guidance was developed in partnership with the Carbon Trust, whose GHG measurement expertise and practical experience has helped develop calculation guidance that provides a clear and coherent approach to carrying out a scope 3 assessment.

The guidance and additional information are available on the GHG Protocol website.

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