Transformative Leadership in Business: Episode 4

Type: Podcast

Episode Title: Episode 4: Pushing the Boundaries of Sustainability Leadership to Improve the Global Supply Chain

Episode Guest: Susan Uthayakumar, Chief Energy and Sustainability Officer, Prologis


In this episode, Bill interviews Susan Uthayakumar, Chief Energy and Sustainability Officer of Prologis, the global leader in logistics real estate. The two discuss the importance of collaboration between multiple parties – including organizations, customers, and policymakers – to take effective action to improve the resiliency and efficiency of the global supply chain. To change the way interactions are happening within the value chain, it is important to work with customers, within communities, and with people around the world to help them understand their path to net-zero. Bill discusses with Susan how to bring people to the table to create effective change within the sustainable industrial construction industry, while preparing for the future ahead.

Listen to Episode 3.

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