Methodology for the Net Impact Assessment of Biodiversity in the Cement Sector


09 December, 2018



The CSI has developed a methodology for calculating the net impact assessment (NIA) of biodiversity in the cement sector. It is a way to identify, measure, value, compare and set targets in relation to environmental, social and/or economic impacts, both positive and negative, that a project has over a period of time. In this framework, the NIA concept has become increasingly established within the extractive industry, especially with regard to biodiversity.

The NIA supplements the documents previously published by the CSI on quarry rehabilitationbiodiversity management plan (BMP) and environmental and social impact assessment (ESIA), helping companies to measure their impacts on biodiversity, both positive and negative, in a consistent manner using a standardized approach so to develop appropriate management actions. The NIA methodology can serve as an instrument to improve the knowledge of habitats existing at operation sites over time and thus help to improve the outcomes of applied plans/activities for priority habitats and/or species.