Zero-Emission Vehicle Emerging Markets Initiative: Public-private collaboration models & best practices


05 December, 2023



Despite progress in zero-emission vehicle (ZEV) adoption, challenges persist. Variations in technology maturity, regional regulations and diverse market demands hinder a swift global transition. These complexities create investment uncertainties and widen the gap between intended global targets and the actual pace of ZEV deployment.

This publication investigates the transformative potential of international public-private collaboration in emerging markets and developing economies to drive rapid ZEV deployment.

It outlines collaborative models led by the Zero-Emission Vehicles Emerging Market Initiative (ZEV-EMI) in India and Mexico, encompassing:

  • High-level public-private dialogues to set shared priorities
  • E-freight demand aggregation for market uptake
  • Optimizing infrastructure investments through digital collaboration
  • Demand-driven capacity-building

The publication is a blueprint for replicating successful public-private actions across other emerging markets, with investment examples from companies pioneering change and shaping a sustainable future in transportation.

The implementation of the ZEV-EMI collaboration is led by WBCSD, US and UK governments, under the ZEVTC umbrella of strengthened support of emerging and developing economies.

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