Circular Car Initiative – How vehicles become climate-neutral


05 May, 2021




Global sales of electric cars are growing faster than expected. While electric vehicles are a promising solution for reducing emissions during vehicle utilization, the carbon footprint of the manufacturing phase remains an issue. To address this problem, the automotive industry needs to adopt a higher degree of circularity by managing a convergence of technologies, business models and policies.

In this session, Thomas Deloison, Mobility Director, WBCSD, Jens-Christian Blad, Head of Corporate Development, Lanxess and Claus Zemke, Head of Communications, Lanxess, discuss the future of the automotive industry and the road toward carbon-neutral vehicles. The discussion covers existing sustainable solutions as well as challenges ahead and the multi-stakeholder collaboration needed for overcoming them.

The Circular Cars Initiative (CCI) is a platform that gathers actors from across the automobility ecosystem to scale up and accelerate change. CCI aims to eliminate or minimize total life-cycle emissions in the automotive industry through joint action, policies and technologies that put circularity and sustainability at the core of car use and manufacturing.  

A member of CCI and WBCSD’s Mobility Decarbonization projectLanxess is a frontrunner in the sustainability field. The company is providing key analytics and chemical products that help the mobility sector increase material efficiency and reduce emissions.  

Learn more about CCI and Lanxess’ innovative solutions for bringing the automotive industry closer to a 1.5°C scenario in the recorded session.