EEB Laboratory – Warsaw, Poland


07 June, 2016



Market Engagement

In Poland, buildings are responsible for well over 40% of final energy use. Improving energy efficiency in buildings therefore offers great opportunities to reduce emissions and mitigate climate challenges.

WBCSD chose Poland because of the size and the perceived condition of the real estate market, public interest in improving the country’s energy security, and signs of an emerging interest in energy efficiency. Also, project members and partners have an interest and presence in Poland, allowing the project to leverage their local networks and resources.

EEB lab

The EEB lab took place in June 2014 in Warsaw.  The scope was new build and retrofit for commercial buildings. Participants discussed the following topics:

  1. Lack of awareness and leadership;
  2. Lack of knowledge and skills;
  3. Lack of support for long -term policy;
  4. Lack of multi-stakeholder engagement.

See the EEB lab report and the market review.

Post EEB lab activities

20 recommendations for action were agreed during the EEB lab and a Polish multi-stakeholder platform was established (EEB Platform Poland).

EEB Platform Poland – The platform brings together EEB stakeholders in Poland and coordinates action with the overall objective of helping Poland to adopt a more progressive agenda for EEB that brings about multiple economic and societal benefits

Three Action Committees have been established as part of the EEB Platform Poland:

Communication & Awareness

Energy Efficiency Disclosure

Knowledge and Skills

For the specific short and long term goals for these action committees please refer to the Progress Report (click on the image)

November 2016 – EEB Poland has released a first ever building resource efficiency benchmarking report entitled “Business for Climate. Operating Costs of Office Buildings” that will encourage transparency and data sharing among office buildings

Coordinators of EEB Platform Poland: Katarzyna Chwalbinska-Kusek, The Construction Marketing Group (CMG), represented by BuroHappold Engineering,