CSA Action Plan 2020: Mid-Term Report


07 November, 2017



In 2015, WBCSD Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA) Working Group (WG) members put forward a shared Statement of Ambition on CSA for 2030 which built on WBCSD’s broader Action 2020 plan.

The overall ambition is to:

Make 50% more food available and strengthen the climate resilience of farming communities whilst reducing agricultural and land-use change emissions from commercial agriculture by at least 3.7 Gt CO2eq/year by 2030 (50%). By 2050 the target is to achieve a 65% emissions reduction.

This report summarizes what progress has been achieved to-date and the pathway to 2020. It also sets out some key policy messages, focusing on the upcoming UNFCCC1 23rd Conference of the Parties. These efforts cannot be achieved alone and WBCSD works together with a number of global partners to realize its ambition.