Circular Views: The podcast series on the circular economy


08 December, 2020




As the momentum around the circular economy continues to grow, more and more companies become interested in how they can start their journey. Though the business opportunity and the positive environmental impact of the circular economy is increasingly evident, much of the material available remains highly theoretical. As a result, it can be tricky for stakeholders in this space to understand how to implement some of the strategies in practice.

To provide more insights about this space, we imagined Circular Views. A podcast series dedicated to the circular economy where business leaders from companies at the forefront of the circular journey speak about how they brought to life different aspects of the circular economy.

For the first episode, we invited members of the circular metrics project to discuss how it is possible to measure circularity at the company level. Why it is important to find a common language, what are the industry specific challenges they encountered measuring their circularity? At the same time, they shared their experience in using the Circular Transition Indicators (CTI), a framework built by business, for business that provides companies with a common language to use for internal decision-making and communicating to key stakeholders.

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