In recent years, the circular economy has increasingly appeared as the new model to pursue sustainable economic growth.

The Challenge


As momentum behind the circular economy has grown, so has the number of indicators and methodologies for assessing progress.

Governments, companies and non-governmental actors are all developing various ways to measure progress towards a circular economy. The lack of consensus across metrics and methodologies makes comparison across companies or sectors impossible.

The business case


Effective use of a common framework to measure circular performance will allow companies to compete on performance, not on metric identification or methodology.

Consistent use of circular metrics will facilitate the flow of internal and external financing to value-creating circular initiatives.

The solution


Develop a consensus-based framework for measuring circularity at the company level and contribute business-driven input into public sector frameworks.

CTI Academy

The CTI Academy offers several services to learn more about the Circular Transition Indicators. Depending on your needs, availability and time, these are a few channels through which we can get you up to speed on what CTI is, how it works and how it can help your company.

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Irene Martinetti

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