Circular Transition Indicators (CTI)

Sector guidance - Electronic devices


15 April, 2024



Companies in the electronics sector are intensifying their efforts to transition toward circular business models. This shift is driven by evolving consumer needs, materials scarcity, regulatory pressures, and the mounting global issue of electronic waste (e-waste), which also carries environmental and social costs.

The adoption of a standardized methodology can assist businesses in measuring and managing their progress during this transition. It aligns the way companies gauge success, drive improvement, collaborate with stakeholders across the value chain, and prepare to communicate progress both internally and externally.

Discover the power of the Circular Transition Indicators (CTI), a robust metrics framework positioned to be the universal language of circular performance and accountability. CTI enables businesses to assess circularity levels, set improvement targets and monitor progress.

The CTI for Electronics guidance was developed through close consultation with leading companies in the sector and facilitated by the Circular Electronics Partnership (CEP). It empowers value chain stakeholders in the electronics industry to utilize a robust set of circularity metrics. These metrics help companies mitigate risks, demonstrate value creation, and track their progress toward circularity. With its transparent and quantitative approach, global adoption, and alignment with both voluntary and mandatory reporting standards, CTI offers an ideal set of indicators for industry adoption. This guidance aims to facilitate the use of CTI, promoting accountability, value creation, and the operationalization of companies’ circularity roadmaps.

Seize this opportunity to propel your business toward a sustainable, circular electronics future. Download the CTI for electronic devices sector guidance now.