Business guidance for deeper regeneration – Climate chapter

To accelerate regenerative agriculture and transition agricultural models that work within planetary boundaries, it is essential to converge on an integrated measurement architecture. This includes addressing and overcoming the key challenges to alignment – a lack of cohesion on definition and outcomes, fragmented and siloed data collection and reporting, a need to translate global frameworks into local action plans, and a lack of inclusivity of farmers and Indigenous peoples and local communities (IPLC) in the process.

WBCSD has prioritized strengthening corporate performance accountability systems for carbon, nature and equity. To this end, WBCSD has launched the Regenerative Agriculture Metrics (RAM) joint working group with OP2B coalition. This collaborative effort involves more than 50 members and 27 business-focused partners, representing more than 1,100 businesses. The group’s goal is to align farm-, landscape- and global-level metrics with corporate reporting and to influence accounting, reporting and disclosure bodies to develop specific guidance for regenerative agriculture.

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