Building the Social Capital Protocol: Insights into employment, skills and safety


18 August, 2016



In June 2015, the WBCSD launched A Call for Collaboration, initiating the development of a Social Capital Protocol – a harmonized approach for businesses to measure and value their interactions with society.

 In the months since, the WBCSD has been compiling the experience and insights of member companies to develop the first draft of the Social Capital Protocol. This has been developed based on leading practices in the measurement and valuation of 3 subjects core to business – employment, skills and safety – and will be illustrated with tools, insights and company examples in these three areas.

Building the Social Capital Protocol: Insights into employment skills and safety provides an insight into the ongoing development of the Social Capital Protocol. The results of a collaborative process between 15 WBCSD member companies, Accenture, AkzoNobel, BASF, BMW Group, DSM, Deloitte, EY, Evonik, KPMG, Lafarge Holcim, Nestlé, PWC, SCA, Siemens and Solvay, the publication aims to:

  • Share progress to date in building the Social Capital Protocol.
  • Bring the Protocol to life by describing the what, why and how of each of its steps, with insight and illustrative examples from participating companies.
  • Inform and engage companies and potential partners in the pilot and ongoing development of the protocol.