The Future of Home: A lighthouse for future living, today


23 October, 2018




The normal way of approaching the sustainable lifestyles challenge is to think about it in terms of reducing material consumption. Live in a smaller home; fly and drive less; eat less meat. We believe that we need a more positive view of what lifestyles could be like in the future – a shared vision of what it means to live well.

That’s why we are creating this “Future of” series. We will be publishing research that looks at different aspects of people’s lifestyles around the world – from where they live, to how they move around, to what they eat – and explores the challenges people are facing and the aspirations that they hold. We believe that starting with an individual’s perspective allows us to better understand how we can help people to live well.

We’re delighted to share our “Future of Home” research, providing companies with a comprehensive snapshot of the pressures, trends and influences determining how people are experiencing their homes today and what they need and want their homes to do and be for them. It forms the basis for a Future of Home “Lighthouse”, a simple, shared, inspiring vision of a future of home that is part of a happier, healthier (and more sustainable) lifestyle.

The Lighthouse highlights people’s needs and wants from their lifestyles (today, tomorrow, in five years, in 15 years), and identifies spaces in which innovation needs to occur to be able to deliver this vision. It is designed to help companies uncover new opportunities to play a role in offering their customers healthier, more appealing and sustainable homes to live in.

This Future of Home Lighthouse will drive rich conversations among companies’ R&D, Innovation, Insights, Marketing, Brand Strategy and Public Affairs functions, galvanizing their different focus points around a positive customer perspective and language. Drawn from a broad array of open and accessible sources, it offers reliable current “best possible” truth and can help to validate existing thinking, highlight areas that are not being explored and reveal critical components of a challenge.

The Research and Lighthouse reveals both where you can add value towards this vision today, as well as future innovation opportunity areas in support of this vision. We hope that companies all around the world will be inspired by this vision and use the ideas and trends that we have drawn from to accelerate the creation of, and customer engagement in, a more sustainable and aspirational future of home for all.