Vision 2050 Food Pathway: We can provide healthy diets for all

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21 July, 2021


WBCSD insights



Diane Holdorf

  1. everyone has access to nutritious and affordable food;
  2. sustainable production restores and safeguards nature;
  3. food is consumed sustainably; and,
  4. value chains are prosperous, equitable and free from human rights abuses.
  1. Adopt and disseminate agricultural and aquaculture practices that are resilient, regenerative, circular, and that produce higher yields with higher levels of nutrition.
  2. Evolve and invest in redesigned food product portfolios to reduce environmental externalities, provide healthier options, and maximize positive impacts on people and planet. In particular, drive R&D around protein substitution with a focus on disruptive technologies and re-imagined animal feed sources.
  3. Through marketing and education campaigns, shift consumer and employee behavior towards more healthy and sustainable food choices, and reduced food waste. Refrain from marketing unhealthy foods.
  4. Establish deforestation and land conversion-free food supply chains while also forming and joining global coalitions to invest in restoration efforts.
  5. Set targets, develop metrics, and implement practices and programs to minimize food waste across the supply chain. Reimagine food distribution systems that are built upon principles of circularity and reduce the level of packaging required to maintain quality and safety.
  6. Set science-based targets for reducing emissions from agricultural production and related land use change to establish a clear, accountable pathway to hold temperature rises to 1.5°C. Turn agriculture into a carbon sink.
  7. Engage with policymakers to reorient subsidies and regulations to incentivize sustainable agricultural practices, healthier consumption patterns, and reduced food loss and waste.
  8. Develop and improve internal policies and systems to perform human rights due diligence as set out in the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights and ensure human rights are respected across all food value chains globally.
  9. Collaborate to advance transparency and traceability mechanisms throughout the food value chain and drive open access to data.
  10. Ensure that value is shared equitably throughout the value chain with farmers and fishermen receiving their fair share.