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Economic systems are outstripping the resources of the planet. Diets are resulting in both over- and under-nutrition. Humanity’s future depends on an urgent reset – the creation of systems that support healthy people and a healthy planet. WBCSD’s Food & Nature Program leads business efforts to accelerate the much-needed system transformation in the areas of food, nature and water. We do this by bringing leadership standards and tools, advocacy and projects across the value chain – from production to consumption – which deliver impact at scale where the urgent agendas of climate, nature and food systems intersect.

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    We envision a world in which business adds value through water. To achieve this, business must accelerate actions on water, thriving as they adapt and evolve, managing water-related risks and seizing water-related business opportunities. This will drive positive social and environmental change at the base, where business collaborates with multiple stakeholders committed to pursuing a common agenda. 

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    Food and Agriculture

    Our CEO Guide to Food System Transformation identified seven pathways where business must lead to drive system transformation and ensure delivery of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Paris Climate Agreement. We address climate resilience and mitigation, nature and biodiversity loss, livelihoods and human rights, and nutrition and health. 

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    Agricultural and food production, distribution and consumption, and land use are key to achieving the SDGs. A focus on rural development and investment in agriculture are powerful tools to end poverty and hunger and achieve sustainable development. Nature action and sustainable water management also play a major role in combating climate change and in regenerating and preserving ecosystems.

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