New insights on Nature-based Solutions: scaling up strategies for net zero, nature positive and addressing inequality

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17 November, 2022




New report focuses on Nature-based Solutions (NbS) in strategies for Net Zero, Nature Positive and addressing Inequality, and shares insights from the evolution of Natural Climate Solutions (NCS) as part of corporate action on climate. 

Geneva, 7 November 2022: Ahead of COP27, WBCSD is launching a new report on Nature-based Solutions (NbS) alongside supporting technical papers on related topics. The report presents findings and recommendations for NbS strategies for Net Zero, Nature Positive and addressing Inequality, based on the role that NCS can play for the climate. 

WBCSD’s Vision 2050 for a world in which 9+ billion people live well and within planetary boundaries by 2050 is still within reach – but we have to act faster. Unprecedented global risks and crises continue to build: we are facing a perfect storm in the form of a climate emergency, nature in a state of crisis, and mounting inequality and social unrest. Key tipping points are being reached in all three of these “Imperative” areas, Climate, Nature and Equity; it is vital that we act upon them now.  

 While there is a lot to be done, there are also significant opportunities to take actions that deliver genuine positive impact across all three imperative areas, such as NbS.  

 The report itself presents:  

  • The role of companies’ action on Nature-based Solutions (NbS) and how this can be leveraged to deliver against the three imperatives areas: climate, nature and equity;  
  • A deep dive into the role of NbS in Net Zero, with supporting issue briefs for companies engaging from a climate perspective, and  
  • Conclusions and insights on the direction of travel for NbS in corporate sustainability action.  

Alongside this, supporting information is available on the role of Natural Climate Solutions (NCS) as a part of business action on climate. The set of associated technical papers, outlined below cover the role of NCS in Net Zero, insetting, carbon standards for NCS, and core benefits standards.  

As this report series lays out, NbS deliver valuable positive impact in all three imperative areas. However, we need greater strategic integration across companies’ sustainability efforts to reflect this. As the trajectory of Natural Climate Solutions shows, the business case will only grow stronger, and the urgency will only increase. Companies must ensure that their strategies and business models are aligned to invest in natural ecosystems that benefit climate, nature and people, line up their decision-making and due diligence with the best frameworks available, and start taking action on NbS today. 

For more information on this work, please reach out to Peter Beare, Manager Nature-based Solutions.