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19 August, 2020


WBCSD insights



Yi Sun

In Europe, the 67 listed member companies also weathered the downturn better and beat STOXX Europe 600 benchmark by a margin of 7%. The relatively strong performance of this group suggests investors’ interest and confidence in ESG factors as a defensive characteristic during the market’s slow recovery. The value of sustainable business is strengthened especially in the current time of crisis and uncertainty. 

The performance of WBCSD’s Asian members also changed in line with their respective markets earlier this year. However, member companies in Greater China and India exhibited a higher level of momentum towards the latest recovery phase, outperforming the benchmarks by 7.5% and 9.4%, by the end of April. Japanese members mitigated the risks relatively better when the Nikkei index hit the year-to-date lowest level in March.

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