Investor Decision-Making

Investors play a key role in shifting the financial system to reward the most sustainable companies, ultimately contributing to better management of the world’s natural and social capital resources. Today’s businesses want to learn how they can demonstrate leadership by aligning their corporate strategy with investors interested in these kinds of sustainable commitments. This program area will provide companies with the tools and information needed to make the business case for investing in sustainability to their internal teams and external stakeholders.

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Employee attitude

Numerous datasets affirm employee interest in the sustainability space. Asset managers are working with companies to understand, clarify and identify what the interest means in terms of ESG and sustainable objectives, along with financial objectives.


ESG investment is going to become mainstream investment overtime. Over the long run, ESG factors match well with the long duration of retirement investment and have proven to have non-negative correlation with the financial performance.

Fiduciary duty

Many jurisdictions obligate the asset managers to take into account ESG as issues of material significance. Because ESG considerations are really risk factors, investmentmanagers who are not thinking about ESG key material risk factors, are more likely in breach of their fiduciary duty then those who are considering such factors.

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