WBCSD Submission of Climate Change Business Solutions to the UN Climate Summit

Published: 1 May 2014
Type: Publication

Central to Action2020; the Climate Change priority area has brought extraordinary engagement from WBCSD’s member companies and has resulted in new business solutions that respond to the Action2020 societal must-have for climate change of limiting global temperature rise to 2C above pre-industrial levels.

With the goal of limiting global temperature rise to 2°C above pre-industrial levels, the world must, by 2020, have energy, industry, agriculture and forestry systems that, simultaneously:

  • Meet societal development needs;
  • Are undergoing the necessary structural transformation to ensure that cumulative net emissions1 do not exceed one trillion tonnes of carbon. Peaking global emissions by 2020 keeps this goal in a feasible range;
  • Are becoming resilient to expected changes in climate

WBCSD members, all global companies who lead and shape their sectors, are already collaborating on a set of Business Solutions that are impactful and will contribute to Action2020’s Societal Must-Have for Climate Change.

Contained herein are 14 Business Solutions that address climate change.

The targets of these solutions are measurable, scalable, replicable, and beyond business-as-usual.

As the success of some solutions will depend not only on business but also on enabling factors, such as policies, technology and finance, the WBCSD will work to develop partnerships and promote dialogue with related stakeholders.

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