Forest Solutions Group: 2021 Key Performance Indicators results

Published: 30 Aug 2021
Type: Publication

Members of the Forest Solutions Group (FSG) are reporting for the first time on a new set of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) adopted at the start of 2021.

In July 2019, FSG launched the Forest Sector SDG Roadmap, followed by its first Implementation Report. The joint vision was translated into meaningful actions within eight impact areas: Working Forests, Bioeconomy, Circularity, Climate, Water, People, Communities and Procurement. These actions are tied to KPIs, allowing business to take stock of the status of implementation and provide a baseline against which to track progress over time. 

In order to continue to track meaningful progress on the commitments made in the Forest Sector SDG Roadmap and demonstrate adherence to FSG’s Membership Principles & Responsibilities, this year FSG has adopted an improved set of KPIs on which they will report annually in the coming years.

Read the 2021 Key Performances Indicators results.

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