New Generation Plantations (NGP)

The New Generation Plantations (NGP) platform is a place for sharing knowledge about good plantation practices and learning from experience. The platform seeks to influence other companies and governments to make environmentally and socially responsible decisions on their plantation management. 


NGP started with the premise that well-managed plantations in the right places can help conserve biodiversity and meet human needs, while contributing to sustainable economic growth and local livelihoods. It identified four key principles, agreeing that plantations should:

  • Maintain ecosystem integrity
  • Protect and enhance high conservation values
  • Be developed through effective stakeholder involvement processes
  • Contribute to economic growth and employment.

Growing demand for timber, paper and fuel wood is putting our natural forests under increasing pressure. Well-managed plantations can be a part of the solution by providing wood on less land than natural forests. NGP participants are also involved in conserving and restoring natural forests around their plantations.

Key outcomes and lessons learned

New Generation Plantations is an evolving vision and a concept as knowledge and experience grow. Participants improve their own plantation practices with the help of each other's good examples, and also use the requirements of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification on their plantation management. Companies participating in NGP have nearly 100% of their plantations certified, according to FSC standards.

Companies participating in NGP are committed to transparency:

  • All participants disclose data on their plantations through this website
  • Nearly 70% participate in WWF's bi-annual Environmental Paper Company Index, which evaluates a company's overall manufacturing performance, accessible at
  • 2 participants disclose the ecological footprint for several of their papers, accessible on the WWF's online database at


In 2007, the WWF set up the New Generation Plantations (NGP) to promote a model of plantations that brings direct benefits to the environment and surrounding communities. Through study tours, workshops and conferences, NGP brings together plantation companies and relevant government agencies to share best practices around plantation management.

More information

For more information about the New Generation Plantations platform's projects and initiatives, please consult

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