Science to policy dialogue on production & equity - Summary outcome paper for discussion

Published: 14 Apr 2021
Type: Publication

WBCSD through the Food and Nature Policy & Advocacy team has convened a series of Science-to-Policy Dialogues (SPDs). These Dialogues bring together business, science, civil society and farmer representatives to co-construct transformative food system-related policy asks that aim to enable and accelerate business action on food systems transformation. 

This summary outcome paper summarizes the discussions of the second Science-to-Policy Dialogue, which focused on challenges specific to Production and Equity and was framed around three “Big Issues”: 

  1. Enabling transformational shifts in food value chain practices towards more sustainable agricultural systems 
  2. Ensuring more equitable value distribution and decision-making in food value chains 
  3. Financing the transition to safe, nutritious, affordable and sustainable food production while ensuring a global, rules-based and fair trading system 

Corresponding policy recommendations to these three issues can be found in the outcome paper.  

These Dialogues built on the first SPD, which focused on Consumption challenges (please find the previous summary outcome paper here).  

Together, these two Papers will form the basis of the final Policy Recommendations Chapter of WBCSD’s Food & Agriculture Roadmap. The first half of the Chapter, which built upon the outputs of the first SPD on Consumption, can be found here.   

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