A national EV ambition in India

Published: 1 Nov 2021
Type: Publication

Together with over 30 companies in India, we call for a national electric vehicle (EV) ambition. We urge the Government of India to support a bold target to ensure that at least 65% of all new vehicles sold in the country are electric by 2030.

A successful energy transition in mobility can cut India’s road transport emissions by 15% by 2030 and put the sector on a path to net-zero emissions by 2050. EVs will make mobility affordable for Indian citizens, reduce pollution in our cities and help the country realize its ambition of becoming a global manufacturing hub while cutting dependency on fossil fuel imports. India must act fast to seize the opportunities in the ongoing global policy and technology transformation in transport.

CEOs from across the industry are calling for urgent policies to support a fast adoption of EVs across several vehicle segments. By signing this ambition statement, they are also committing to invest and act for climate in India and take an active role in shaping India’s leadership in the global energy transition in transport.

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