To reduce overall emissions, challenges in the building and construction system must be addressed in an integrated way. WBCSD creates coalitions to facilitate collaboration across the value chain providing a common language and tools.

    The challenge

    The built environment generates nearly 40% of global energy-related greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and these keep rising. The growth of floor area outpaces improvements that are too slow and too small to make a difference. In order to meet the Paris Agreement and limit temperature increase to 1.5°C, we must achieve net-zero emissions across the built environment lifecycle by 2050.

    The business case

    In line with the Paris Agreement, the decarbonization of the building system can be driven by a business vision of a low-carbon built environment that delivers net zero emissions over the lifetime of built structures. The multi-stakeholder collaboration will enable a shared vision to be developed, in support of the transformation that is required to decarbonize the system.

    The solution

    This workstream aims to deliver a common language and framework across the whole system. This will help identify and support synergies in commitments and action from both individuals and stakeholders along the value chain; in turn supporting governments and regulators to enable change through legislation. In addition, a Science-Based Targets system guidance will be developed to help companies and other stakeholders align their decarbonization commitments.

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