Council of the Great Lakes Region and USBCSD partner on Great Lakes Carbon Collaborative: insights from webinar on net zero

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14 June, 2023




Great Lakes region, 14 June 2023: The Council of the Great Lakes Region (CGLR) and the US Business Council for Sustainable Development (USBCSD), both partners of the WBCSD’s Global Network, hosted a webinar on net zero on 31 May 2023.

As part of the jointly-led Great Lakes Carbon Collaborative connecting companies with decarbonization commitments to other like minded-companies and organizations in the region to develop action strategies together, the webinar emphasized the conservation-first approach to energy reduction and highlighted how various innovative energy technologies could help organizations drive toward net zero objectives while generating cost reductions and reducing the burden of securing scarce renewable energy resources.

The event was the first of a new Carbon Collaborative webinar series. It featured AEP Energy Services, a member of the Great Lakes Carbon Collaborative, who shared efficiency measures and technologies that often are overlooked due to the technical nature and sophistication of solutions. Attendees walked away with an understanding of technical solutions and execution strategies to enhance their net zero objectives.

Companies operating in the region committed to carbon reduction in their operations and strategizing how to reach net zero are encouraged to participate in the Great Lakes Carbon Collaborative. USBCSD and the Council of the Great Lakes Region collaborate as secretariat, facilitating working groups and promoting decarbonization strategies for collaborative projects.. Working groups led by businesses have been established to focus on various areas such as electrification, hydrogen, carbon capture utilization and storage, nature-based sequestration, and decarbonization through material circularity.

To learn more about the Great Lakes Carbon Collaborative, please visit the Collaborative’s website and fill in the Get Engaged form or reach out directly to CGLR or USBCSD for more information.