Brazil: Why are Corporate Renewable Power Purchase Agreements good for business?

Published: 20 May 2019
Type: Publication

São Paulo, 20 May 2019 –  Companies worldwide are seeking new ways to reduce the environmental impact of their energy consumption and lower their energy costs. While reducing energy use through energy efficiency is crucial to achieving this goal, purchasing renewable power plays an equally important role. Purchasing electricity from renewable sources is an increasingly popular method for commercial and industrial (C&I) companies in Brazil to reduce energy costs and their carbon footprint while striving to achieve their sustainability targets.

C&I companies have several options when sourcing renewable electricity. These range from investing directly in renewable generation assets or purchasing electricity from developers through corporate renewable PPAs, to buying renewable energy certificates. Purchasing electricity through corporate renewable PPAs can offer stability for both developers and financiers while providing more predictable energy prices for companies.

The Corporate Renewable Power Purchase Agreement Forum, coordinated by BCSD Brazil (CEBDS), has launched an issue brief in partnership with WBCSD outlining the main barriers and solutions to enabling a better business environment to signing corporate Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs). The bilingual brief (Portuguese and English) provides an overview of corporate PPAs for renewable energy and the opportunities they present for companies in Brazil.

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