Making sustainable development relevant, actionable & scalable


01 July, 2018



Businesses are taking the lead in accelerating the transition to a sustainable world. By navigating risks and capturing transformative opportunities, sustainable companies are finding new growth, lowering their cost of capital and are becoming more successful. It’s critical for the next generation of leaders to understand the importance of sustainable development, integrating associated opportunities and risks into their core business strategy and decision-making.

In 2019, we will discuss the challenges associated with leading change alongside the opportunities for business. During the year, we will explore how materiality and the valuation of externalities enables companies to focus their transparency efforts and leverage the value of sustainability reporting. We will also discuss how to improve decision-making; the challenges of communicating to stakeholders and the importance of ethics.

Participants will leave the Program with a better understanding of the socio-economic barriers and drivers that lead to poverty, conflict and abuses of human rights. They will also see and learn from case studies what progressive leaders are doing to address such issues. To enrich the educational content, participants will be given access to academics and business leaders, investors and NGOs.