Global Circularity Protocol (GCP)

The Global Circularity Protocol for Business (GCP) is a voluntary framework that aims to address key accountability and policy gaps currently impeding the scaling of circularity globally. The initiative engages partners from academia, cross-sectoral businesses, NGOs, and policymakers to create an interoperable, inclusive, and actionable framework aligned with science. The GCP will be the go-to […]

New report provides a data driven description of the forest sector’s many contributions to the realization of the SDGs

Geneva, 9 December 2020 – Today twelve leading member companies from the Forest Solutions Group (FSG) of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) have issued the first Implementation Report of the Forest Sector SDG Roadmap (SDG Roadmap) released in July 2019. The report provides evidence of FSG members’ commitment to implementing the actions in the SDG Roadmap, takes stock of the status of […]

The circular economy’s natural logic

A circular economy model would bring $4.5 trillion in opportunities over the next decade, as well as bringing environmental and social benefits. The circular economy is one of the few disruptive concepts with universal appeal – with business leaders, investors, activists, economists and environmentalists. While gaining in popularity, the concepts of circularity have been around for centuries […]

New framework accelerates circular transition

This is an English summary of the article that was originally published in May 2020 in MilieuMagazine. The recently launched methodology allows companies to measure the impact of their circular activities; on a company level, business unit or product group. This new calculation method helps companies to take the next step in their circularity journey. The Circular Transition […]