The Senter Point


28 June, 2022




On The Senter Point Podcast, Amy Senter, Director at the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) interviews leading voices across the United States, with each conversation representing a new perspective on the impact of private-sector innovations related to climate, nature and inequality. The Senter Point offers a critical conversation on the sustainability challenges that surround food and nature and the points that matter for business action. Released bi-monthly, the podcast brings listeners into the heart of business efforts to accelerate the much-needed system transformation in the areas of food and nature.

Episode 1 Title: ESG Reporting: The Growing Shift from Relevance to Reliability

Episode Guest: Samantha (Sam) Ross, Founder of AssuranceMark, the Investors’ Consortium for Assurance

Episode 1 Synopsis: Welcome to The Senter Point podcast, hosted by Amy Senter, Director of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD). For the inaugural episode, Amy Senter speaks with Samantha Ross, founder of AssuranceMark, the Investors’ Consortium for Assurance, on how the growing debate around reporting ESG information is shifting from “relevance” to “reliability.” Reliable ESG information is vital for good business; it supports management in making decisions that help companies achieve their strategic objectives and provides investors with knowledge of how resources are deployed in the business. Amy and Sam dive into the rising demand for external assurance of sustainability reporting around the world, and the ways in which external assurance enhances credibility and trust in ESG information.