Moving to Sustainable Mobility: Innovations, Trends, Current Solutions


11 December, 2016



Consumption is the primary driver of environmental challenges. We know that we are pushing up against, and in some cases have already breached, earth’s planetary boundaries. In the developed economies of the world, many of us live multiple-planet lifestyles – we know that getting to a one-planet lifestyle will require significant reductions in the impacts stemming from our lives.

Where would these reductions come from – are we anywhere near being able to live sustainably? What can we achieve today? How far do current technologies take us? What business models, policies and behaviors will be required? We have asked these questions to help us imagine what more sustainable mobility would look like.

In this report we look at the reductions that can be achieved today with currently available solutions and behaviours, and we consider some of the trends, innovations and barriers that will influence the direction and rate of progress.