Integrated Performance Management Framework

Driving strategy, engaging workforces


26 October, 2023



In a world where executing strategies remains a challenge for 70-80% of companies and 95% of employees struggle to grasp their role’s  impact on success, a transformative solution emerges.  

WBCSD and AICPA & CIMA have explored the concept of Integrated Performance Management (IPM), now launching a new IPM framework. IPM is a holistic approach to corporate performance management based on the integration of multiple capitals (e.g., natural, social, intellectual) and long-term value creation into decision-making to drive strategic success. 

This report and business brief serve as a guide to implementing this the IPM framework, aligning performance with an organization’s purpose, values, and strategy. 

Supporting Companies: 

The IPM framework not only focuses organizations on strategic success but also aligns them with increasing sustainability disclosure demands, transitioning from voluntary to mandatory disclosure. It enables companies to transparently showcase their governance and strategies for managing climate and nature-related risks. Motivating Excellence: Discover how IPM makes incentives more meaningful and motivational by linking individual and team performance with corporate strategy and purpose. 

For Whom: 

Designed for senior business executives in strategy, finance, and sustainability, the IPM framework inspires a fresh perspective on performance assessment and management. Its applicability extends across industries, regions, and organizational sizes, with implementation complexity varying according to individual circumstances. 

Please visit AICPA & CIMA webpage for more information on the project, and for the report’s executive summary.

Listen to the IPM podcast for Financial Magazine: