EEB Laboratory – Rio de Janeiro


12 June, 2018



The EEB Laboratory brought together specialists and representatives from several parts of the construction sectors in Rio de Janeiro, including investors, architects, engineering companies, building management companies, users and public authorities. Through inter-sectoral discussions, four main areas of action were identified:

  1. Knowledge and perception of value (of the benefits of energy  efficiency);
  2. Capacity-building of the workforce;
  3. Investment and financing;
  4. Public policies and regulation.

Based on the knowledge acquired from the exchange of ideas between the various representatives of the construction sector, and considering the four key areas of action, it was possible to identify the main barriers and to prepare recommendations for actions to foster the development of energy efficiency in buildings in the Rio de Janeiro city. This data was used to create a Roadmap for transforming Energy Efficiency in the city of Rio de Janeiro, and identifies the main challenges and propose actions for each area.”