Circular policy action brief


22 October, 2018



Over the past few months, as companies start to understand the opportunities that lie under the concept of circular economy, the conversation has gained significant momentum. At the same time, governments at the national and regional level are developing frameworks and regulations to promote the circular economy.

These policies are quickly emerging and diverse. Navigating this landscape as a global company can be complicated. Additionally, circular economy policies are multi-issue and often multi-material – spanning issues such as waste, design, procurement, secondary use, plastics, ocean debris, recycling, waste management and many others.

This report aims at understanding the current landscape of circular policy in the European Union, while delving more in details at the Member State level. It also looks at India and China. The report also shows the impact of these policies on circular business models and selected sectors. It will be updated bi-annually to ensure accuracy.

The report constitutes the first phase of WBCSD’s Policy and Engagement workstream, which final aim is to develop forward-looking policy recommendations that help spur circular economy actions. This workstream is part of WBCSD’s Factor10 program on the circular economy.